T series Reversing Gearbox



◆ Standard and various, ratio 1:1、1.5:1、2:1、3:1, all are exact ratio.
◆ When the ratio is not 1:1 and pinion shaft is input, so cross shaft is reduced output. When cross shaft is input, the pinion shaft is increased output.
◆ Spiral bevel gear, stable transmission, low noise level, small vibration and strong loading capacity.
◆ Double input shaft is available.
◆ Multiple output shaft is available.
◆ Any mounting position is available.

Technical data

Model: T2~T25

Output torque(N.m) :7.15~5713

Ratio:  1~5

Power range(Kw): 0.008~302.5

Application fields

◆ Chemical agitator
◆ Hoist and transport
◆ Steel and metallurgy
◆ Electric power
◆ Coal mining
◆ Cement and construction
◆ Paper and light industry

GEAR could help you

● select the best geared motor according to your working condition;
● reducer downtime maintenance time,increase the usage;
● improve product performance, increase economic benefits.